complexType descriptionType
diagram gluon3_diagrams/gluon3_p629.png
namespace urn:ebu:metadata-schema:ebuCore_2010
children description
used by
element coreMetadataType/description
Name  Type  Use  Default  Fixed  Annotation
typeLabel  xs:string        
typeDefinition  xs:string        
typeLink  xs:anyURI        
note  xs:string        
Optional additional contextual information.
Free-form text or a narrative to report general notes, abstracts, or
summaries about the intellectual content of a resource. The information may be in
the form of a paragraph giving an individual program description, anecdotal
interpretations, or brief content reviews. The description may also consist of
outlines, lists, bullet points, edit decision lists, indexes, or tables of content,
a reference to a graphical representation of content or even a pointer (URI, URL) to
an external resource. For a Radio or television programme a running order can be
used as description. A description can be provided in different languages.

attribute descriptionType/@note
type xs:string
Optional additional contextual information.

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